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Burial of The Hitman: Exposing the real Bret Hart

When Vince McMahon attempted to build for the future without Hulk Hogan in 1992-93 & push actual ring ability instead of muscles & size which the WWF was built on, it met with the worst run of business in company history. SummerSlam & Survivor Series buyrates were way down & Royal Rumble was the lowest buyrate of any WWF PPV in history. Bret Hart was given the opportunity to be champion & from a financial standpoint, it didn’t work. McMahon felt he needed Hogan back or WrestleMania would suffer a similar fate. Hogan returned at WrestleMania IX teaming with Brutus Beefcake to defeat Money Inc. by DQ. Then in an unprecedented series of events ended the show as WWF champion after defeating Yokozuna in just 21 seconds. WrestleMania, largely due to the appearance of Hogan, did a far less severe year-to-year decline than any of the WWF PPV events during the period he was gone, showing Hogan’s worth.

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