Wrestlemania 37-Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny shines at Wrestlemania 37.

Spanish rapper Bad Bunny stole on night 1 of the Wrestlemania 37. Teaming up with Damien Priest to face The Miz and John Morrison the rapper showed a tremendous array of athletic moves which had other WWE wrestlers heaping praise on the newcomer. We should of gotten a hint of how much Bad Bunny had learned when he actually started the match. From jumping off of the top rope to performing a reverse somersault suplex outside of the ring the wrestling audience was left in awe. Most celebrities are barely incorporated into the matches only performing nominal moves but the agile and athletic Bunny actually was a major part of the tag-team match. Bad Bunny showed enough talent to actually become a full time wrestler if so desired. Here’s a thumbs up for an incredible performance at Wrestlemania 37 by Bad Bunny.

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