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Tazz’s WWE Debut

Kurt Angle is in for more then he bargained for when his mystery opponent turns out to be Tazz – Royal Rumble 2000

Goldust’s WWE Debut

Hollywood’s leading man, Goldust, graces the WWE with his presence – In Your House, Oct. 22, 1995.

Dude Love’s WWE Debut

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin needs a tag team partner, and after refusing to choose Mankind, Dude Love steps up – Raw, July 14, 1997

Mankind’s WWE Debut

  Mick Foley makes his first WWE appearance as Mankind against Bob Holly on Monday Night Raw from April 1, 1996.

JBL’s WWE Debut

  JBL makes his big WWE debut against Bob Holly – Superstars, Jan. 27, 1996